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Patient Testimonials

Thank you for your wonderful care of me! I love to come to your office as I am always given such high quality care from all the people that work there. I am eighty years old and feel so young when I am in your office… Everyone is just wonderful! Thanks to you all and God Bless !!!


I am past due in posting my review. I have always experienced top treatment, but now seeing how well my daughter was treated I am for sure at the right place. From the moment you enter Emily always has a smile on her face and a pleasant greeting. Kristie takes great care in following up with your treatments and services, taking any and all feedback. When my daughter went for her treatments she went above and beyond to make sure she was comfortable.

The back office girls, Sara and Myvan, are both professional and approachable. I have seen the office busy, yet they always take the time needed for each and every client. I feel nothing but trust and competence from each of them.

Jeri is extraordinary in her injection, laser and micro pen skills. She gets the look that you wish to achieve and always listens to any questions or concerns. She is very personable and caring. I can not praise her skills and personality high enough.

Prices may seem high to other places, but I know I can call 24/7 for any questions, my schedule will be accommodated even if it means the office skipping a lunch. I would never ask this of them, yet I know they have done this for me. I am not charged extra for numbing cream, if I have an injection bruise (very rare) I go in the next day and am in and out in 5 minutes with a quick V-beam to the spot-no charge. The office itself is decorated comfortable and pleasing to the eye. Water, coffee, tea and snacks are available with easy access during your visit.


We always have a great experience… She is the best. All the staff is wonderful.


I am always impressed by the people who work at Premiere Dermatology. Everyone is so nice and positive and caring! I couldn’t be in better hands.


It was a nice experience both at the front office and with the doctor.I would definitely recommend this facility.


I have been seeing Dr. Cobos and her staff of professional medical providers for at least 5 years and I have seen tremendous positive changes in my skin and appearance. I am treated so well by everyone there, they always try to explain what options are available and what results to expect as well as the costs. They take their time and always have my best interest and comfort in mind with thoughtful follow up.

I highly recommend Premiere Dermatology for your skin and cosmetic medical needs.


My personal experience can only be told as exceptional. That staff is so professional and knowledgeable.

The moment you walk in to the moment your appointment is over, the thoughtfulness,attention and most of all the great atmosphere is worth making and keeping every appointment. I would recommend
Premiere Dermatology to family and friends, coworkers as well.

I could go on and on but you should make an appointment and see and feel the energy for yourself.


Thanks for your concern about my dry skin problem and for your help in directing me to the best products to use and also for my facial treatment. All of the staff is so helpful, from the receptionist to the scheduler.


“I first of all want to thank all of those a Fullerton Dermatology especially Dr. Cobos for making every visit a comfortable and pleasant one. I also want to thank all of you for giving me this great opportunity of Transform-a-Life. The reason I would like to be a part of Transform-a-Life is because I really hope it will finally help me with my acne. I have had acne probably since I’ve been twelve years old, it has always been a huge bother that really gets to me. I try not to really let it get to me but it is really hard waking up with so many pimples on your face knowing everyone is going to be seeing them. I know my acne has kept me back from doing a lot of things, I just feel uncomfortable knowing I have so much acne on my face. I feel like i have tried everything to try to better my acne but nothing seems to work and it really gets frustrating. I really hate when my out of state family comes and when they talk about me they talk about my acne, I don’t say anything out of respect and manners but it really hurts that that’s what they’re talking about. I really just feel I was burdened with this horrible acne, while others lucked out and i see that they great skin and never really have to deal with the problems that I have to. I really hope that Dr. Cobos will be able to really help clear up my acne, I hope that when I return for my junior year of high school I won’t have to worry about being shy due to my acne or really be bothered with acne and all the hurt it brings with it. I really thank you for this opportunity and am really looking forward to a time in which acne isn’t a worry of mine.”

Rene A.

“Hello my name is Stephen Kozub. I am 56 and have been getting Botox for a number of years now. In June of 2012 , I was referred to Dr. Renee Cobos for a BOTOX treatment. Upon filling out all necessary paperwork , I was escorted into a private room for my procedure. Dr. Cobos’ assistant began asking me why I wanted BOTOX. As I explained my concerns, she immediately went into up sell mode explaining the benefits of SCULPTRA. Now, being in the customer service industry, I hate being worked or up sold on something I didn’t even want, so I stopped her seconds into her little memorized monologue! Look, I said, stop right now and just stick to the reason I’m here! Which is BOTOX for my forehead. At that point, I saw a poster on the door showing before and after pictures of women. Now prior to ever seeing Dr. Cobos, I contemplated having the fat pads removed from under my eyes. This never made sense to me since my cheeks were already sagging! To me, removing more material from my face seemed counter productive. That being said, I asked what those women were advertising ? The assistant laughed and said, Well, that’s what I was telling you about but, you didn’t want me to continue!!!! At times I guess we all suffer from foot in mouth disease !! Always willing to swallow my pride i said, I’m SOLD !!! When can you do it? That’s my story and I’m sure your reaction and satisfaction will be as profound as mine ! Thanks Dr. Cobos”

Steve Kozub

“You’ve spoiled me Dr. Cobos! I love coming to your office and I won’t go anywhere else. I love your staff, they’re so caring. It feels like family here.”

Brenda K. Fullerton CA

“I’ve been receiving treatment from Dr. Cobos for almost a year now and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. She has helped treat my acne and my scarring due to acne. Dr. Cobos and everyone at her office have been have been so helpful in helping me gain more self-confidence and I am so grateful. I would highly recommend Dr. Cobos to any person suffering from acne and acne scarring because she is simply the best doctor available for using new and innovative procedures to help her patients.”

Marc M. Long Beach CA

“I feel like a princess when I come here, you treat me so well. I’m your biggest fan, I love you Dr. Cobos!”

Debra H. Irvine, CA

“Dr. Cobos you are AMAZING!! You are not like any other doctor that I’ve been to. You have done the most thorough full body check that I have ever had with a Dermatologist. I am so glad that you found and removed those abnormal moles. And I promise to wear sunscreen everyday from now on!”

Tom R, Anaheim Hills CA

“Dr. Cobos, your honesty about what is needed and what is NOT needed shows Integrity, Integrity, and Integrity!!!!!”

Nicole D, Fullerton CA

“Just to let u know that I’m very happy with the last Sculptra treatment. Dr. Cobos really is an artist. I look great and I am getting so many compliments from friends, but I look so natural that no one can tell that had anything done! I get comments such as “you look refreshed”, “younger”, “where did I go on vacation” etc. When they ask me what my secret is, I slip them Dr. Cobos. card. I live in Beverly Hills and I can take a private plane anywhere in the world for my cosmetic procedures, but I will always come to Doctor Cobos! She needs to open an office here!”

OM, Beverly Hills CA

“You spent so much time with me and really care about my well being, I wouldn’t go anywhere else now that I’ve found you Dr. Cobos. You have the best staff which says a lot about you.”

Doug C. Los Angeles, CA

“I love this place. I’ve been going to Dr. C for about 2 years and I couldn’t be more happy. There are a few girls who work the front and they are customer service all the way. I’m so glad I found them. I originally went in for botox, but have had several treatments done. If you go you will be happy. They are busy, yes, and that should tell you something, they are super good.”

RM , Anaheim , CA

“I have been going to Premiere Dermatology for a little over a year and I love it. The staff are always friendly and helpful and Doctor Cobos is great. She is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and does not try to rush you through your appointment. My skin looks better than it ever has with the peels and products that she has recommended. I know I am in good hands at Premiere Dermatology. And will continue going there. I highly recommended them.”

Margo B, La Habra, CA

“This was my 3rd visit to Premiere, the first two times I saw Dr. Cobos for my acne issues and this visit I got a silk peel facial. I feel a lot more confident trusting my skin to an actual dermatology office than those hole-in-the-wall day spas that offer similar services.

After my first visit the doctor was able to get me off the oral acne medications I was on (prescribed by another dermatologist) and control my skin issues with just prescription topical treatment. This was a BIG deal for me because I hated the thought of being dependent on daily meds to keep my skin in check. After the second visit I went off the prescription topicals & now just use the doctor’s awesome face wash “FreshSkin” twice a day with my Clarisonic brush.

Today’s visit was very cool because I got my very first facial. I was super nervous about the Silk Peel & the extractions but honestly, it wasn’t even painful. To me, having a huge pimple for a week is more painful than the extractions were! The whole process was about an hour and my esthetician, Solvina, was gentle, explained the whole process to me and really tailored the treatment to my specific skin issues.

Overall my skin looks good, not too much redness from the extractions & a ton cleaner.”

Allison K, Buena Park, CA

“For over 35 years I suffered with acne and acne scarring. I spent a lot of money with doctors and on recommended products and treatments,needless to say they did not work which left me with very low self-esteem and hopeless. I met Dr. Cobos over two years ago and she worked with me on a treatment plan n for the first time in 35 years I am acne free n have very minimal scarring. Her advanced training, technical knowledge, and Quality care has given me confidence back in my appearance which I lost over 35 years ago.. I am so blessed to have found such a loving and caring dr. who cares about the well-being of her patients!! I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Cobos and her professional staff!! Thank you again Dr. Cobos for giving me back my confidence n making me look ten years Younger!! You are amazing!!”

“This was my 3rd visit to Premiere, the first two times I saw the doctor for my acne issues and this visit I got a silk peel facial. I feel a lot more confident trusting my skin to an actual dermatology office than those hole-in-the-wall day spas that offer similar services.

After my first visit the doctor was able to get me off the oral acne medications I was on (prescribed by another dermatologist) and control my skin issues with just prescription topical treatment. This was a BIG deal for me because I hated the thought of being dependent on daily meds to keep my skin in check. After the second visit I went off the prescription topicals & now just use the doctor’s awesome face wash “FreshSkin” (only $35 for a big bottle) twice a day with my Clarisonic brush.

Today’s visit was very cool because I got my very first facial. I was super nervous about the Silk Peel & the extractions but honestly, it wasn’t even painful. To me, having a huge pimple for a week is more painful than the extractions were! The whole process was about an hour and my esthetician, Solvina, was gentle, explained the whole process to me and really tailored the treatment to my specific skin issues. The service was a big pricey ($150) but they offer a rewards card where you can collect points to use on future treatments. They also offer 3 Silk Peels for $300, definitely something I will consider for next time.

Overall my skin looks good, not too much redness from the extractions & a ton cleaner. If only I could afford to go every week!”

“OMG! I think I have discovered the fountain of youth! Dr. Cobos Premiere Dermatology has helped me mover towards 60 looking refreshed. They have turned back the clock without making me loo over done. I love how I look. In some ways I think I look better than I looked in my 40s. M husband loves what they have done. I get al of of compliments but no one knows I’ve done anything. I just look rested and refreshed. Doctor and the staff are amazing. Every last one of them are delightful. From the minute they answer the phone and make my appointment everyone is so kind and helpful. i would recommend them to anyone. I am so beyond happy with my results.”

“I have been going to Dr. Cobos, Premiere Dermatology and Laser Center, for a few months. Dr. Cobos is very intelligent, compassionate and the best dermatologist I have ever been to. I originally went to Dr. Cobos to have Juvederm injected around my mouth for the fine lines. Dr. Cobos convinced me to try Botox on my upper lip ($25) instead of Juvederm ($500). I was very impressed and the results were fantastic. After discussing with me my issues and what I would like corrected, she talked to me about Sculptra. I had never heard of this product and I am really grateful she brought this product to my attention. After the first session, I instantly saw results and my skin continued to improve. Small, fine wrinkles and lines gone and my skin looks fantastic. I went for a second session and it looks even better. Sculptra last for up to two years so I feel the price is very reasonable and I would highly recommend this treatment. I also had Botox injected in my forehead to remove all the wrinkles so I feel as if I have had a mini face lift but without the cost. The staff is wonderful! I tell the girls they are my new best friends! Sometimes there is a little bit of a wait – 15 minutes – but I do not know of a doctor’s office where there isn’t a wait. I highly recommend Premiere Dermatology and Laser Center!”

“I was so impressed with the whole staff! Everyone was so friendly and efficient, I genuinely felt they cared about my experience and i will refer all of my friends and family for sure. I was there for a cosmetic purpose but also decided to change my current dermatologist so i could be seen by this staff. I can’t say enough about my wonderful experience.”

“From Dr. Cobos to the staff & assistants, I’ve found everyone to be very caring & professional. I had my skin examined by Erin, the PA and was impressed by how thorough she was(I’ve seen other derms who are in & out in 2 mins). Dr. Cobos made me feel so at ease when I had my first cosmetic procedure – I will continue to trust my skin to the experts at premiere!”

“I have had acne ever since I can remember. I have been to multiple dermatologists, taken prescription medications (which always gave me side effects, so I discontinued), used every different type of skin system from “low end” to “high end” (out of sheer desperation) and have even tried holistic methods.

I have never had beautiful skin which would allow me to go “naked” face out in public. But as bad as I had it, something worse happened last year. This past fall my skin hit its all time low. I recently had a birthday (close to 30 ;D) and I was literally COVERED in breakout. Clusters of breakout. It was disconcerting because it would not go away, and would multiply quickly, but it was also extremely uncomfortable due to how extensive it was. I was absolutely embarrassed and dreaded going into work every day. The patients I work with would constantly “suggest” great ideas to help me clear up, if that gives you any idea at how bad it was. I was not able to get away without wearing a heavy foundation to attempt to cover up my skin.

I saw Dr. Cobos briefly and ended up purchasing a package of three chemical peels with the aesthetician. I did not want to go in for these. I even tried to sell my package to coworkers and friends. The day came when I either went in, or lost the money invested (which was actually an extremely reasonable price for 3 chemical peels).

My first chemical peel opened up the gates of heaven, in my opinion. I saw the transformation via a photo diary I would take after each visit. Keiren was extremely informative from the very first visit, took time to answer my questions, address my fears, and did not ever make me feel that I was being rushed out. She even helped when I called back a few days later with MORE questions. She made me feel comfortable with this process that was so foreign to me. She suggested products that made sense. She sent me home to try a trial vial of a product. I have never been so fortunate than to find someone who actually takes the time to talk and discuss what MY needs are. How to recover from MY personal breakouts. I felt comfortable with her. I know that she is not in this for the money; she is truly in this field because this is what she loves to do.

Guess what? Three chemical peels later and there is nary a breakout. I walk around naked face every single day because I can. I cannot believe this… Keiren transformed my adult life by letting me LOOK LIKE AN ADULT. “Without zits.”

“I have been going to Dr. Cobos since she opened her doors over at the Women’s center in fullerton. She started off as a lil fish in a big pond and has now hit it big time with her state of the art skin treatments. Her magic cream called Triple Lighting Cream I can’t live with out. Now ( don’t raise your price please) anyhow, I love her personality and she knows her S@#!. If anyone has ever had a problem with her I would have to say that it’s because she saw right through your BS. She never goes beyond what a person needs. She is truely an advocate for the “El Natural” look.

I have been getting facials there for over five years. Right now I am seeing Karin who has been great. She has been working on my dark spots on my face which are almost gone! My skin has never looked better. Thank you to all of you at Premiere Dermatology for your professionalism your enthusiasm and your great work.”

“So, I have gone through waves of having awful AWFUL skin to skin that I tolerate. Then I met Kieran. Kieran has literally changed my life. I am neeeevvveeerrr the girl who’s skin people just compliment! And more people have said out of the blue how even and smooth my skin is. Kieran gave me a couple of glycolic peels and extractions and specific instructions on what to do when I’m away from the office and now my skin has been acne free for months! Sometimes…I even leave the house without (wait for it) MAKEUP. It’s an incredible feeling to know that my skin looks the bomb. I can’t wait to go back to the office so she can see the magic that has taken place on my face.

The best part is…I don’t have a gazillion products. She really simplified everything for me.

BONUS: the ENTIRE staff is SO amazing and friendly and welcoming and nonjudgmental and uplifting which is ssoooo necessary since going to the dermatologist can be such a vulnerable experience.

Thank GOD for Premier!

If only there were 6 stars to give…I’m so thankful for this place. Muah!”

“first visited this office for cosmetic procedures. Was very pleased with the outcome. A few years later as I turned into my mid 30’s I started to get Acne. Not just Acne but the worst kind you can imagine. The Kind that you want to hide from the world cause it’s so bad. I purchased 100’s of dollars of Makeup and products from Sephora, Mac and even other Dermatologist. NOTHING was helping, in fact it was getting worse by the day. I finally turned to Premier Dermatology. The fear of walking into the office without ANY MAKEUP on was so nerve wracking I was a mess. NOT once did any of the staff make me feel the way I was feeling, in fact EVERYONE of the staff members Made me feel like My problem was defiantly treatable and they were there to help AROUND the clock for me.

Sara, Erin and Kristi were all so amazing and able to help me get my prescriptions needed in a timely manner , helped identify my problem, reassure that I was not alone and over all just made me feel that I was in the best CARE possible

Knowing this treatment would not happen overnight , I can honestly say that within 7-10 days of using NOTHING but the products they provided I not only could see the difference in my skin but I could feel my confidence building knowing that FINALLY I was being treated and my nightmare was over.
I could not tell these professionals THANK YOU enough!! They really have helped me more then words can describe.

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR ! that is the key”

“Let me start by saying that I am not related to the owner (or any employee) of Premiere Derm, or friends with any of the employees outside of my interactions with them at the center. I understand that very good reviews can sometimes be suspicious, but I am sincerely just a pleased customer! I had a laser procedure performed there earlier today… and yes, it was painful. But the nurse who performed my laser, was SO reassuring and adept at what she does that she made me feel at ease. She consistently checked in with me during the procedure to make sure I was OK, and let me know how much longer we had on each area. Prior to the treatment, a sweet girl (don’t know her name!) put on a facial numbing cream & she had me wait in a nice, comfortable room where they had water, snacks and magazines available. The aftercare was incredible – the MA’s Sarah & Myvan had me relax in my private, quiet room on a very soft bed with cool air blowing on my face. They brought me water, and kept checking on me every few minutes to make sure I was OK while we waited for the steroid cream to calm my skin down. They gave me very good home care instructions, and sent me home with anti-inflammatory cream & soft gauze. They recommended skin care products and had them available for purchase without a pushy sales pitch. Whenever I walk in, I am greeted by the exceptionally friendly receptionist, Christie. All of them gave excellent customer service!!!”

I am so glad i have a PPO insurance to be able to come see Dr. Cobos she is has helped me with my struggle with adult acne her and her staff educated me on the steps i needed to take for my skin to look as amazing is it as today . Couldn’t be more thankful to be going to such a reputable Doctor. Cant get enough of this place i am now using them for my cosmetic needs botox,ultherapy ,voulma this office does it all. DIFFIDENTLY AN OFFICE TO TRUST always looking out for your best interest”

“Absolutely love this practice. Staff and providers are well educated on cosmetic procedures and overall skin health. Staff and providers made sure I understood my procedure weather it was cosmetic or a general dermatology . I have met there new aesthetician keiren she is simply amazing if your looking for results come see her!! My experience with this office is amazing I will be telling all my friends and family rare to find such a caring and incredible practice.’

“If ever you want to pamper yourself, Dr Cabos and her staff will make you feel like a queen. The office is pretty and the staff is all very very professional yet also down to earth. I always feel very happy after a visit with these ladies.”

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