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Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Below are actual stories featuring Dr. Renee Cobos’ patients.

R.D. age 15 treated with V Beam laser for redness, SmoothBeam laser for acne and scarring and Blu-U for acne (2008)

“At the start of my sophomore year in high school my acne began to make me a bit self conscious. The intense training for basketball made it difficult to get my acne under control. Prescriptions and over the counter products only worked for so long before becoming ineffective. My normal doctor decided that I was a good candidate for Accutane since other forms of treatment no longer helped. Within several days of starting the medicine my life was turned upside down. I had a reaction to the Accutane that less than one percent of users get. My cheeks swelled up and turned a solid red, unbelievably worsening my original condition. The acne I was trying to treat suddenly seemed like nothing compared to what I looked like now. It was extremely difficult to even look at myself in the mirror let alone walk out in public. The physical and emotional toll my condition was taking on me seemed unbearable. I was referred to a dermatologist who actually thought the only treatment was to put me back on Accutane. Refusing to go back on the pills, my family and I searched for alternative treatments. After discovering the various lasers that appeared to be able to help, we looked for a qualified doctor. After many searches on the internet my mother stumbled upon Dr. Cobos. We scheduled a consultation and looked forward to hearing what she thought of my situation. Much to my relief, Dr. Cobos was able to provide a full plan of treatments for my face. My family and I discussed the matter and determined that she was the doctor we wanted to treat my rare condition. Just a few days later I was already beginning my road to healing. Now, many months later, my face looks a thousand times better and continues to improve with each treatment. Despite the long road to recovery, Dr. Cobos and her staff have helped to make the process as comfortable as possible. The office environment feels very much like a home and everybody that works there is extremely friendly. At last, I no longer have to be so concerned with my face and can go back to enjoying life. I looked forward to continued healing and greatly appreciate Dr. Cobos’ devotion to my recovery.”

C.S . Transform-a-Life patient with facial scars from Dermatitis Herpetiformis treated with Fraxel re:pair laser (2008)

“My struggle more or less began a few years ago when I was trying to get away from a domestic violence situation. It eventually ended with my abuser being taken to prison and leaving my son and I without a home. I spent the next year living in and out of motels and with friends, and when I could not find employment and we hit a complete bottom with nowhere to go, my son was taken away and put into the foster care system for a year and a half. In order to get my son back with me, I completed a year long treatment program with the County of Orange. I also completed a domestic violence program that helped me more than anything else, as well as a parenting program. I surrounded myself with a support system that kept me going day to day as I struggled to work and do all of these things without a car, including visiting my son all the way across the county at least once a week, among many other things that the Court required for me to regain custody of my son.

After a year and one half, I became one of the very small percentages of women who regain custody of their children again, and my son came home to me. I then was having problems with my health and was constantly dealing with a skin condition that would not respond to any treatment I tried. I was told by doctors, “it’s just adult acne, try mild cleansers and change your pillow case often-use a mild detergent”-yet, I knew this was not the problem. Finally, after a routine checkup, I learned I had what is called Coeliac Disease, which factors in the addition of a skin condition which mimics the damage going on inside of my body, on my skin. This has caused a lot of scarring, discoloration, and damage to my face and chest, and generally makes me feel very unattractive. I have even had a young girl come up to me and ask me what happened to my face-out …of the mouth of babes! My son used to tell me that he wished he could get me a chance to go to the show called the Swan, where the women get the complete makeover-we used to sit and watch the show and cry.

When Dr. Cobos offered the opportunity to be able to treat the scars on my face, it meant so much to me. I have endured so much over the last few years, and it feels to me like all of that heartache is a constant reminder when I look at myself in the mirror. I don’t even like to see pictures of myself anymore, much less let people take my picture. As I said once before, this has been a life-changing opportunity for me one which I never imagined would ever happen. I am very grateful and I am looking forward to a fresh start in life. Thank you Dr Cobos!”

Deb D Transform-a-Life patient with facial scarring from automobile accident treated with Fraxel re:pair laser (2008)

“I am 36 years old and have several facial scars from a severe auto accident when I was 13. Immediately after the accident and in the first few years after the accident, I had undergone several plastic surgery procedures. Each of which made small minor changes to the scar appearances. It is really hard to say if all the hassle, pain, and heartache was really worth the results. The plastic surgery even caused additional scaring I did not have prior. For many years I believed that there was not going to be anything else I would be able to do for my scars. When lasers came out, the idea intrigued me, but until I met Dr Cobos did I really feel that a laser treatment might actually make a difference with the scaring on my face. I can’t tell you the last time I really took a good look in the mirror. I am excited to see how the Fraxel re:pair will be able to change the scarring on my face, and improve my self esteem when it comes to my physical appearance. It would be the best gift ever to be able to want to look in a mirror again. Thank you Dr. Cobos for all of your help.”

Bryan A, age 23 ,Transform-a-Life patient treated with Fraxel re:pair laser for scar

“In the spring of 1990, I was hit by a vehicle traveling over the speed limit near my old home in Hacienda Heights. I was hospitalized for 5 months and had to relearn how to walk. After this incident I was left with a large permanent scar on the left side of my face and neck. The scar was very noticeable and when I was growing up, I was teased a lot in school because of it. I was called names like “scar face, Scars, etc” and made me very self conscious. It affected me so much that my social behaviors were changed cause of it. Even now it still bothers me to know that I have a very noticeable scar that everybody seems to notice and point out. Then one day, at a skin cancer screening at my job at St Jude Medical Center, I met Dr Cobos. She explained to me a about the program that she started called Transform-a-Life and how it helps people with life affecting scars. The procedure involved using the Fraxel re:pair laser that tones down the scar and makes it look like if wasn’t even there. I am really excited about the results that am going to have, it would change my life dramatically and bring back the confidence in myself that I lacked over the years of having my ugly scar. Dr Cobos’ treatment will finally free me from my old self and give me the opportunity to forge my new self.”

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