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Fraxel Dual

Fraxel Dual

Newest Laser Technology – Fraxel re:pair CO2 Laser

This laser is the biggest breakthrough for wrinkle removal in the last 10 years. Results approach those that can be achieved with a facelift, with very few complications and limited downtime. It is a great alternative for women in their 40s and 50s who want to avoid facelifts. The segment also highlighted how the Fraxel re:pair laser has fewer risks and less downtime when compared to older CO2 lasers.

Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC’s chief medical editor, also discussed the treatment and reiterated the fact that the Fraxel re:pair laser system can eliminate the need for a facelift in the future.

Fraxel re:store Laser

Skin Laser Treatment for Pigmentation, Acne Scarring, Skin Rejuvenation and Melasma

Fraxel re:store Laser Treatment for Skin Resurfacing, Brown Spots & Melasma, and Scarring from Acne, Injury or Surgery.

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Fraxel re:store Laser Treatment is effective for:

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Reduction of fine wrinkles
  • Rejuvenation of sun damaged skin on the face, neck, shoulders and hands.
  • Reduction of age spots and blotches.
  • Surgical or Injury scars
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Improvement in coarse and deeper wrinkles

Fraxel Benefits over other lasers

  • Short recovery time, minimal swelling, redness. You most likely can return to regular activities immediately
  • no open wounds
  • works on all skin types and colors.
  • reviewed and approved by the FDA
  • low pain.
  • The new Fraxel re:store offers 30% deeper penetration over the previous version

March – June, 2008 – Clinical Study Opportunity

I am very flattered to have been asked to collaborate with Reliant Technologies in using both the Fraxel re:store and Fraxel re:pair systems for my Transform-a-Life program patients. I am actively looking for patients with either burn scars that I can treat with these new state of the art systems under this program.

About Fraxel re:store Laser

The Fraxel re:store Laser is the culmination of decades of advances in laser technology for the treatment for wrinkles, age spots, sun damaged skin, on acne scarring and surgical scars.

Skin Resurfacing- Fraxel Restore – 4 Treatments Photo Source ReliantTechnologies Courtesy Dr. A. Menkes

It is effective on any part of your body, on any color of skin and is extremely safe. Utilizing a new technology called Fractional Resurfacing, only a fraction of your skin receives the laser light through a series of microscopic closely spaced laser spots. Because it preserves normal healthy skin between the laser spots, healing and recovery is more rapid and there is no significant downtime

Photo Source Reliant Tech

Dr. Cobos uses the Fraxel re:store which does not necessitate the use of the hard-to-remove blue dye as was required with the earlier system. The Fraxel re:store delivers more power. higher precision results and more patient comfort.

Fraxel re:store Treatment Procedure

First, a white anesthetic cream is applied to your entire face, chest, arms or the area to be treated, to numb your skin. An FDA certified water-soluble blue tint is applied to your skin. This blue dye guides the laser only to the areas it in place applied. Then Dr. Cobos glides the laser over your skin multiple times. A chilled air system blows very cold air on your skin to help make the treatment more comfortable.

You will feel tingling and heat sensation as the laser treats your skin. When your Fraxel treatment is complete, the gel and blue dye are removed from your skin, protective cream and sunblock are applied and you’re ready to go home.

Later in the day, there usually is some swelling, but with a little Advil and cold gel pack, or a clean washcloth dipped in ice water, the “hot” sensation in your skin is easily managed. The effects are similar to sunburn.

During the coming week, your skin will turn somewhat bronze and will feel tighter and a little crusty or as if there are ultra-fine grains of sand on the surface. Within three days, a light “dusty” type of peeling begins. You should allow this dead skin to slough off on its own.

The fresh regenerated skin is smoother, more even in color and scars are less pronounced. A series of Fraxel laser treatments give you the best results as each session adds to the cumulative effects.

Fraxel for Acne Scars

Acne Scars are often very difficult to improve. Dr. Cobos uses Fraxel extensively to soften and reduce acne scars. The skin surface is smoothed from the laser’s ability to both level the scar profile and also induce new collagen formation, helping to raise the scar floor. To get the very best results, Dr. Cobos may utilize a variety of lasers and treatments, including Vbeam laser for redness, Smoothbeam laser to shrink the oil glands and stimulate collagen formation, and/or temporary fillers such as Juvederm which instantly make dramatic visual changes in your appearance.

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