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Vbeam Laser

Vbeam Laser

Removing Redness from Acne, Spider Vein, Rosacea, Birthmarks and Vascular-Related Conditions

When you have any skin condition that causes redness from broken or inflamed blood vessels, the most effective laser treatment is a vascular laser called Vbeam. With a specific ability to “take the red out”, Vbeam is used to remove redness left after acne, for small spider veins on the face and body, and for the control of redness and facial flushing from Rosacea.

Perfecta Vbeam is the latest generation of Vbeam laser offering Combination Therapy of pigmentation, diffuse redness and veins.

For Post-Acne Redness

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After an acne lesion has healed, there is nearly always redness left in it’s place from tiny broken vessels. This redness calls attention to where the acne used to be and often last many months. Dr. Cobos uses the Perfecta Vbeam to shrink the vessels and return discolored area to a more normal color.

Acne Scar Study : 200 patients with Acne Scar Redness

All patients benefited from a 30-50% reduction in the post-acne redness after the first treatment. After three or four treatments, a reduction in redness of 75-90% was achieved. In a number of patients, the post-acne redness disappeared altogether. The results seemed to vary based on the depth of the acne scarring.


For Redness from Rosacea

Rosacea’s persistent facial flushing and inflammation leaves most Rosacea sufferers with constant diffuse red areas. Vbeam is recognized as one of the most effective treatments for Rosacea – not only by Dr. Cobos, but by many respected physicians across the country. Dr. Cobos uses the top line Vbeam laser, the Perfecta Vbeam.
Photo – Effect on Severe Rosacea

Rosacea Study : 25 patients with Rosacea
A greater than 80% improvement seen in all 25 patients treated.

Dr. Nathan Uebelhoer of the Scripps Clinic says, “Once I treat my patients with the Vbeam, the majority wish that they had begun this treatment sooner because of their dramatically enhanced appearance with little downtime. After receiving a series of treatments, patients that were once embarrassed by their condition, have an air of gratitude that makes my role as their doctor extremely rewarding.”

Dr. Tom Rohrer. “…Vbeam treatment also has a beneficial effect in treating the disease (Rosacea) itself. My patients are not only less red after the treatments, but they maintain their improved appearance and also develop fewer papules.. It has been a real breakthrough treatment for people suffering from rosacea, added Dr. Rohrer.

The primary signs of rosacea include redness on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead; small visible blood vessels on the face; bumps o r pimples on the face; and watery or irritated eyes.


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Red Spider Veins and Telangectasia on the Face

Small veins on the face and nose not caused by Rosacea are quickly treatable, and often with a single session you will see vast improvement. These tiny veins can be caused by sun damage, cold weather exposure (think skiing), aging and in some instances dietary habits that include excessive alcohol use.

Spider Veins on the Legs and Ankles

vbeam_pic4Spider Veins in the lower extremities are usually genetic. If one of your parents has vein problems, there’s a good chance you will too. Early treatment prevents these veins from “spreading”. Spider veins may look bad, but don’t pose the same risk as deep varicose veins. These smaller veins are easily treated with Veam laser or when indicated, with Sclerotherapy – or both.

Birthmarks and Port Wine Stains

vbeam_pic5Birthmarks are raised or colored marks on the skin that are either present at birth or develop shortly thereafter. Some birthmarks only affect the surface of the skin, while others can be raised above the surface or extend into the tissue underneath. Birthmarks often fade as a child ages, although some are permanent. Most birthmarks do not require treatment. Those that do respond best to pulse dye lasers such as the Vbeam laser.

Prior to pulsed dye lasers, many children had no options that left the skin normal and unscarred. Candela Vbeam is a safe effective way to treat birthmarks in children and adults. In a recent treatment study, 33 or 35 children with birthmarks had a total clearance using the Vbeam laser.


Dr. Cobos is a kind and gentle physician (and mom) who gains the confidence or your child prior to treatment. Doctors’ ffices and noisy lasers can be frightening to a child, so ample explanation and a “show and tell” method of preparation helps ease their anxiety.

effective way to treat birthmarks in children and adults. In a recent treatment study, 33 or 35 children with birthmarks had a total clearance using the Vbeam laser.

About Vbeam Perfecta :

The Vbeam works by sending laser energy to the blood vessels below the epidermis, leaving superficial skin layers untouched. Perfecta provides gentle, consistent treatment results that eliminate downtime and prevent bruising. The Vbeam’s Dynamic Cooling Device(R) emits an evaporative cooling spray before each laser pulse, increasing safety and your comfort.
Vbeam Perfecta features Candela’s advanced micro-pulse technology providing consistent and gentle heating, which allows for effective, low-bruise treatment for vascular and epidermal pigmented lesions. Vascular laser treatments may leave some bruising, but Dr. Cobs’ experience with Perfecta demonstrates that the level of bruising has been dramatically reduced.

Vbeam can be used for skin rejuvenation and to help correct a wide range of vascular and pigmented lesions including: rosacea, sun and age spots, face and leg veins, fine lines and wrinkles, port wine stains, and hemangiomas. Pigmentation may require additional or combination treatments with other procedures or products

Other Conditions Treated by the Vbeam Laser

Warts – small benign growths in the skin that usually appear on hands and feet.

Scars – Raised or puffy scars that are often caused by surgery, trauma, acne or burns.

Stretch Marks – Frequently appearing after pregnancy over the stomach, thighs, buttocks, breasts, shoulders and lower back.

Poikiloderma – Redness and discoloration on the neck

What precautions should be taken before and after treatment?

Avoid exposure to the sun and tanning of the areas that are to be treated throughout the course of treatment. Immediately following the treatment, the area may be slightly swollen, sensitive and may feel warm.

Post-treatment care

Possible side effects

Patients may experience some temporary discoloration or reddening of the skin around the treatment site. Pigmentary changes in skin color may be experienced by some patients. The skin will typically return to normal pigmentation over time.

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