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Acne and Acne Laser Treatment

Acne Vulgaris, (common acne) is the single most troublesome medical skin condition for preteens and young adults. Dr. Cobos has developed safe, effective and very successful treatment programs for thousands of patients who suffer from mild to severe acne.

Acne problems can begin as early as age 9 or 10, but typically show up during puberty when hormones begin to surge. Nearly 85% of those aged 14 to 24 deal with some level of acne, even if it is only the occasional “zit” that shows up the day before a date or a job interview.

When your acne problems become bothersome, with repeated eruptions of new pimples, or when simple over-the-counter solutions are ineffective, it is extremely important to seek the expertise of a Board Certified Dermatologist in order to prevent long term problems such as scarring and discoloration of the skin.

With over 19 years of experience in treating acne, Dr. Cobos firmly believes that each acne program must be individually tailored for your specific acne condition, level of severity and your lifestyle. Whether you are a student athlete that plays sports in the sun, or a busy working Mom with very little time for yourself, Dr. Cobos will design a personalized treatment program that will work with you and for you so that you can have the best results.


Dr. Cobos treats acne with a variety of proven acne control programs which may include one or more of the following :

  • DRCOBOS Acne Skin Care Products: Dr. Cobos has collaborated with a chemist to create a unique line of products specifically formulated for acne, acne rosacea and acne prone skin. These products can be used safely for all stages of acne. They are unlike anything else on the market and leave your skin feeling clean, supple, fresh and ready for the next level of treatment: whether it is medication,a medicated peel, BLU light teatment, or Smooth beam Laser treatments.
  • Oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics and other prescription anti-acne products or hormone regulators such as birth control pills to reduce and prevent acne activity.
  • Accutane (Isotretinoin) for Severe, Resistant Acne and Cystic Acne. (The use of this medication requires strict adherence to the FDA-required IPledge Program)

acne_fullerton_therapy_picSometimes referred to as adult acne, Acne Rosacea is a different condition. Treatment programs are different for this type of acne than for Acne Vulgaris. If you are an adult and your acne is “new”, you should have a medical evaluation so you can receive proper care for this condition. The DRCOBOS Acne Skin Care product line of facial cleansers, toners, and treatments especially formulated to treat Acne Rosacea and Acne Rosacea prone skin. The are available in The Boutique at Premiere Dermatology and Laser Center or by calling us for purchase over the phone. Regardless of the type or grade of acne that you have, you will benefit from using these Dermatology formulated products.

Acne is caused by a combination of excessive sebum production (sebum is the natural lubricant your body produces to keep your skin supple), dead skin cells and a form of bacteria called P.acnes. Acne is a medical condition that is not your fault. It is most often caused by hormonal changes which affect your body’s ability to regulate sebum production and skin cell turnover.

Comedo or Whitehead

The initial and least apparent form of acne, called the comedo (KOM-e-do) or comedone, is simply an enlarged and plugged . pore. If the plugged pore, or comedo, stays beneath your skin, it is called a closed comedo and produces a white bump called a whitehead.

For those who experience an very mild acne or the occasional pimple, the DRCOBOS Acne Skin Care product line is especially formulated to treat acne and acne prone skin. These products are available for purchase at Premiere Dermatology and Laser Center or by calling us for purchase over the phone. Regardless of the type or grade of acne that you have, you will benefit from using these Dermatologist formulated products.

Multiple enlarged whiteheads that persist on your skin for a long time constitute a more problematic grade of acne, Treatment is available using a personalized combination of acne facials, topical retinoids and SilkPeel microdermabrasion.

Acne Animation

A comedo that reaches the surface of your skin and opens up is called a blackhead because it looks black on the skin’s surface. This black discoloration is not due to dirt, but from oxidation of the oils on the skin. Both whiteheads and blackheads may stay in your skin for a long time. Dr. Cobos’ acne patients who suffer from mild to moderate acne often benefit from SilkPeel Dermal Infusion for acne, acne extractions and light chemical peels. These programs are effective because they cause an increase in cell turnover coupled with the immediate application of treatment solutions or acne-targeting alpha and beta-hydroxy acids; thus preventing the acne from progressing to more severe stages that are usually accompanied by inflammation and become more difficult to control.

Acne Severity Scale – Acne Grading Scale Tool

Acne often starts with a comedone and can progress to more severe forms if not treated.

Comedones—initial stage of acne caused by follicles that are plugged with oil and skin cells.

pustules_picPapules — inflamed small, pink bumps on your skin which can be tender to the touch.


papules_picPustules (pimples) — papules topped by pus that may be red at the base


nodules_picNodules — the large, painful, solid forms of acne that are lodged deep within the skin


cysts_picCysts — deep, painful, pus-filled lesions that can cause scarring. Cystic acne can have profound psychological impact and should always be treated as early as possible by a dermatologist. Response is rapid when treated with stronger acne programs.


For an accurate assessment of your acne severity and treatment options, make an appointment with Dr. Cobos for a medical consultation.

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