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UltraSonophoresis Treatment

UltraSonophoresis Treatment

The UltraSonophoresis Treatment optimizes the absorption of active ingredients into the skin using ultrasonic vibrations. UltraSonophoresis delivery is undertaken using low frequency sonophoresis, which causes soundwave resonance of approximately 20,000 per second (20kHz). This is not the same as medical ultrasound, which use much higher cycles (1-3 MHz): too fast for dermal delivery.

The spatula blade is used in two ways. The frequency oscillation is less than 5– cycles per second (500 Hz) at the blade tip. This is too low for sonophoresis, yet is useful for cleaning and exfoliation. There is higher frequency oscillation on the flat blade surface of 20-28,000 cycles per second (kHz). This created a better cavitation effect that allows more penetration of product.

UltraSonophoresis application causes small spaces to open between the skins cells that result in an increased penetration of ingredients applied to the skin under the ultrasound. Disruption of the lipid barrier by the ultrasonic vibration also helps in the transdermal delivery.

The UltraSonophoresis machine features easy bush button activation with a built-in timer as well as output control windows. The device is simple to use and may be used as to enhance other Ultraceuticals treatments.

The skin’s natural protection barrier is comprised of many elements, mostly lipids, which work to protect the skin. Skincare products use ingredients that act as transport carriers or penetration enhancers to help absorption. Using sonophoresis as an alternative to plastic surgery increases the absorption up to several thousand times, depending on the substance being penetrated.

General Procedure

  • The UltraSonophoresis metal blade spatula is used bevel side down at a 45 degree angle cleaning the skin where the spatula is held bevel side up at a 30 degree angle to infuse products.
  • An even, continuous movement of the spatula across the face is necessary to avoid overheating. Always keep the spatula flat and in contact with the skin.
  • While infusing, a motion similar to icing a cake should be used to provide maximum absorption. You will be shown this technique during practical training seminars

A suggested treatment structure is a follows:

  • Begin on the forehead passing the spatula back and forth 2-3 times using a massaging motion.
  • Move to the right lower face and cheek area continuing the same motion.
  • Move to the chin area passing back and forth then continue to the left lower face and cheek area.
  • Finish by covering the nose and upper lip area.

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